From your annual exam to your perimenopausal questions, we’re here to help

Dr. Chac offers complete and personalized women’s healthcare for all your gynecologic needs.  Our philosophy is to place the patient first and to treat each patient individually.  Your PAP smear experience shouldn’t be one of anxiety and discomfort.  Our physician and staff will ensure a calm and relaxed environment where you can keep up with your health maintenance exams.  Dr. Chac offers a full range of contraception, sterilization, and surgical options to help you plan for the perfect size family.  For patients suffering from menstrual irregularities, our in-office ultrasound will help guide you towards a faster diagnosis and discussion towards the resolution of your symptoms.  Dr. Chac is trained in the most current DaVinci® Robotic Surgery systems as well as traditional laparoscopy and open laparotomy techniques to best approach your treatment options.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations as to what a regular gynecology office can be.

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Annual pap smear / colposcopies


Cervical cancer is a morbid disease process that still affects women all over the world.  Fortunately, its natural course is slow and complete prevention is possible with proper screening. With the advent of HPV vaccinations and public health practices, cervical cancer can someday be a disease of the past.  Pap smears are an important part of every woman’s general health maintenance.  Dr. Chac and his team will ensure that you are up-to-date on all your screening requirements as recommended by the most current guidelines.  Our warm office environment will transform the way you view your pap smear appointment.  Come see for yourself.

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Whether you’re looking for general contraception or advanced implants such as Nexplanon® or Mirena®, Dr. Chac will accommodate your specific needs.  He will guide you through the difficult selection process between pills, injections, barriers, implants, and the myriad of options currently available to women.  Birth control should be a stress-less part of your relationship.  We’re focused on finding the right contraception that fits your lifestyle, because the best birth control, is the one that makes you the most comfortable.

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Well-woman / STD check


Women’s health has improved dramatically over the past decade.  With the advent of liquid-based cytology, mammography, and DNA probe, doctors are now able to screen for more preventable diseases than ever before. One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.  Breast cancer screening with your gynecologist and routine mammography is imperative to keeping a woman healthy throughout her life.  Your annual well-woman exam with Dr. Chac will include a breast exam, cervical cancer screening (pap smear), STD check, as well as a review of your complete past medical history.

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A woman’s choice for sterilization can be a complicated and confusing decision.  With so many options available, it can be difficult to parse out which would be the best option for you. Let Dr. Chac discuss with you the many pros and cons of each method.  Whether it be traditional tubal ligation surgery, laparoscopic surgery, or more advanced hysteroscopic techniques such as ESSURE®, rest assured he will be there to patiently discuss with you the risks and benefits of each option. Once your family is complete, it’s time to focus on enjoying it.  Let us help you plan for that perfect life.

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Menstrual Irregularities Heavy bleeding


Abnormal uterine bleeding is one of the most common problems faced in gynecology.  Almost all women will have questions related to their periods, sometime during the course of their lives.  Dr. Chac is available to help you through the many treatment options used to solve this common diagnosis.  Often times it is related to abnormalities within a female’s hormone cycle, but rarely it can be due to more serious conditions such as endometrial cancer.  Treatment options vary from conservative medical management with oral contraceptives, to advanced ablation techniques such as NovaSure®. Heavy bleeding is not normal and should not be something a woman has to cope with.  It is treatable, and eliminating the pain of a monthly burden takes just a simple visit.  Dr. Chac will guide you to a healthier new start without painful heavy periods.

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Uterine fibroids Pelvic Pain


Uterine fibroids affect women typically in their third to fourth decades of life.  These benign fibrous tumors can grow large within the uterine wall and cause a myriad of problems.  Symptoms typically involve pain, pressure, irregular menses, and even infertility.

Fortunately, treatment options are available to help eliminate some of the symptoms, and surgery offers a complete cure for the problem.  Dr. Chac will offer in-office ultrasound, if necessary, to quickly guide you towards a diagnosis and treatment plan.  Fibroids affect many women, especially Hispanic and African American women in the United States.  If you’re experiencing pain and heavy bleeding, it may be due to fibroids.  We’ll help you reach a cure.

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse Urinary Incontinence


As women approach menopause, the vaginal cavity can relax due to decrease estrogen levels.  This relaxation can cause the vaginal vault to collapse, leading to a descended bladder and leakage of urine with pelvic pressure.  In the past, women have suffered in silence with these symptoms, because treatment options were limited.  Those days are over. Whether it is a cystocele (bladder relaxation), enterocele (bowel relaxation into the vagina), or rectocele (rectal protrusion), Dr. Chac will help you arrive at a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.  You can be free from the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence with careful diagnosis and surgery.

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Ovarian cysts


Every woman has ovarian cysts.  It is a normal physiologic result of ovulation.  What is not normal is the number of cysts, how large it can be, and whether or not it causes symptoms.  This is a common complaint among young women within their fertility window.  Ovarian cysts can sometimes be large, filled with blood (endometrioma), or be related to certain benign tumors.  The most common presentation is pelvic pain. When a woman presents with pelvic pain, the working diagnosis of ovarian cyst must include an evaluation for other potential causes.  This includes ectopic pregnancy, tubal ovarian abscess, tubal cyst, and even ovarian cancer.  The work-up can be extensive.  At our practice, we are committed to helping you reach that diagnosis and definitive treatment.

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Early surgeons called the procedure a hysterectomy, because the uterus, as they saw it, made a woman hysterical.  Between the pain and bleeding, it’s no surprise they came up with such a name.  Pregnancy is the main purpose of the uterus.  When that is complete, an empty uterus can lead to multiple problems such as bleeding and pain.  Often times this is due to abnormalities in the hormone cycle or uterine fibroids.  Persistent bleeding and symptoms that are refractory to medical therapy can warrant a need for a hysterectomy. Dr. Chac will sit down and discuss with you the many treatment options available, and whether a hysterectomy is right for you.

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Infertility affects approximately 6% of women in the United States.  The etiology can range from hormonal, to tubal, to male factors affecting conception.  Sorting through the differential diagnosis takes a methodical and focused approach.  Dr. Chac will help you through the diagnostic process and develop basic fertility options available from general gynecology. The success rate of most in-office infertility treatments can be as high as 70%.  Let Dr. Chac show you what options are available so that you can have that family you desire.